Carbon Market map #1

1 min readMay 19, 2022


This is the first of several maps, containing different participants in the carbon markets.

The first map looks at:

  1. Investors: these are funds and accelerators / incubators that have a single or strong focus on companies operating directly in carbon markets. Important to note is that the first bucket does not include carbon project developers (coming in a separate map), but includes direct off-takers like the Frontier fund.
  2. Data / Analytics: companies that focus on providing data as a service (pricing, project etc.), rating analysis and/or other qualitative products which come in the form of data.
  3. Exchanges / Investment Vehicles: you can find exchanges which trade carbon emissions (voluntary and mandatory), but also providers of investment products like ETFs, which offer carbon credits. For example, CLIFI is the manager of the KRBN ETF.
  4. ReFi players (intersection of crypto and carbon): these are projects with varying degrees of traction, from just starting like Solid World to the dominant established players like Klima DAO or Toucan.

The data on the map is as of 19 May 2022.

Help me help us all.

Is there any company that is missing or does not fit the description?

What other verticals would you like to see / other formats?

Take care.