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Part 1 explores my general framework for climate investing.
Part 2 drills into carbon markets.
Part 3 is about carbon and crypto.

People quickly realized that tokenization is a perfect way to solve some of the issues around distribution and the old infrastructure in the voluntary carbon markets.

A few examples:

Part 1 explores my general framework for climate investing.
Part 2 drills into carbon markets.
Part 3 is about carbon and crypto.


Carbon markets are fascinating and the least known part of the climate value chain, plus there is a ton of activity going on.

Their goal is to reduce emissions by a) penalizing polluters or b) directly stop emissions by investing in new carbon reduction projects.

On market attractiveness

It helps to think where climate markets are today. In many ways, they look “non-obvious”. This is a term that Elad Gil uses:

“I think there are three…

Part 1 explores my general framework for climate investing.
Part 2 drills into carbon markets.
Part 3 is about carbon and crypto.

Climate change investing is the new crypto. Many expect the first trillionaires to come from these two industries. Climate investing is as versatile as crypto, only earlier by 4–5 years. One major difference is that Governments hate crypto and love climate.

I will spend some time on climate in general and then dig deeper in carbon markets, which I believe are the least known part of climate change investing. Let’s dig in.


In a nutshell, the climate…

Libra is a big deal. I would argue that it is among the top 3 biggest things that have happened in money together with Bitcoin itself and Ethereum over the past century. I believe this to be the case both in terms of changing society and also in terms of an investment return for Libra Investment Token holders.

If you are not familiar with the basics of Libra, please read here before you continue.

Libra as a currency board

The crypto market correction turned winter will soon mark its first year. Over the last months, many folks have posted tables of previous BTC corrections ranging from 30–90% with the logic that we’ve been there and have always recovered.

True, BTC has endured multiple 80%+ corrections and recovered massively after that, which is impressive. There is a good chance it will do the same this time as well.

But. It gets harder and harder with every new correction.

I want to draw attention to the factor which is usually omitted from the correction tables — volume, i.e. how much money…

Hello everyone, this is the second part of the series about options in crypto. In part 1 the focus was on the basics and the most common ways to use options.

In part 2 you will find:



When implied volatility for a given maturity is plotted against different strike prices, the resulting shape is referred to as a volatility smile or skew. It shows the relative expensiveness of put vs. call options or how ITM…

One of the main narratives around Bitcoin is the Digital Gold or Store of Value (“SOV”) use case. Naturally compared to Gold, which has historically proven to be the best store of value. With institutions starting to move in (Yale, Fidelity etc), another narrative emerges around Bitcoin as an institutional investment asset. These two narratives often go together, but it makes sense to explore them separately.


Investors on traditional stock, commodity and FX markets have used derivatives in their strategies for decades. Futures are already present on crypto markets and the next big step will be options.

In a series of posts, I want to explore: 1/ what options are, 2/ the differences between options on stocks and on crypto, 3/ who offers options in crypto today and 4/ options strategies for various crypto players like fundamental investors, miners, exchanges, traders. Please note, this is not an ultimate resource, rather a thought starter. …

A quick refresh of my previous valuation of BNB, the native token of Binance, the exchange.

First off, a few important things happened since June when I first wrote about BNB:

Disclaimer: I do not own NEXO and this is not investment advice. Invest at your own risk and do your own research.

Nexo is a platform for instant crypto-backed loans. It is linked to the founders of Credissimo, a European fintech in the online consumer lending space with a long and successful (10 years) track record in the industry. What gives Nexo credibility apart from its own execution track record is that Michael Arrington and Trevor Koverko from Polymath are on its board.

Nexo is a separate legal entity and is operating in the secured (via crypto) lending, which has…


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